About This Mess

For entertainment purposes only.  Really.  Please don’t use the information presented here to make any decisions about investing, healthcare, legal matters or anything that might have financially material consequences.  You are surrounded by experts – please pay them fairly and use their advice instead of our witless rants.

We put close to zero research into what gets published here.  And we ignore all evidence in conflict with our personal agendas and our preconceived notions.  When we’re wrong we won’t take it back, but we might hide the evidence and then move on.  We do not accept compensation for what we print, but we might not be able to prove that.

If we offend you somehow please understand that it was accidental; or we were being ironic, or satirical, or something else that should exempt us from all liability.

If you can not accept all of the above, please go away.  And we mean this in the best way.

Thank you,

The Mismanagement