Mobile Trends for the Next 10 Years

Seen (linked to) on GigaOM this morning, here is an interesting collaborative presentation containing a wide range of projections for mobile communication and computing.

Some ideas (a backlash against constant connections) aren’t news, while others (huge data traffic from networked pets) are way out.

The ongoing backlash against living through the Internet (if you’re reading this you’re probably a target) should intensify quickly if connected tablet computers (Apple’s rumored ‘iPad’) take off.

I’d bet on:

  1. Bluetooth earpieces for all-day wear (not implantable, though)
  2. Augmented reality helping us rediscover our sense of physical place, and also history
  3. Social networking will move to making introductions (or at least recommendations) based on immediate proximity (a start…)
  4. Mobile medical monitoring for health (including psychological health) and spiritual pursuits.
  5. Mobile imaging will combine with cheap, custom 3D manufacturing for instant knock-offs of products people see while out and about.  Yes, that’s the bonus weird projection.

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